Get real time photos and videos of your fire incidents. Is there inaccessible terrain, but your aircraft is too far away to give real time information on what is happening? Protect your firefighters by sending in an unmanned aerial vehicle to inspect what is happening, and get a direct video feed and photographs. With speeds of over forty miles an hour, our drones can get in and out of an area without risk to human life.

OverSite’s owner has been a volunteer firefighter for nearly a decade. He brings a knowledge of firefighting operations and safety to the incident. You won’t be hiring an outsider that has to be taught radio and safety protocol, but rather someone who has been on the front lines of wild land fires.

Be confident knowing that you won’t be endangering your crews, but rather you will be helping to protect them by providing them with one of the most important tools that a fire fighter can have- real time information.

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