Drones are uniquely suited for the mapping and inspection of fires. They are able to quickly create real time maps of incidents, providing valuable and accurate data immediately, without the need to wait. OverSite can create maps of the actual scene before demolition crews come in or the site is disturbed in other ways. These maps are not simple aerial photographs taken from directly above, looking down, these are real maps that offer real world measurements.

Taking photographs in a grid pattern, OverSite uses special algorithms to stitch the resulting photos together to create an orthomosaic map. The algorithms use triangulation of multiple points to scale the map so that measurements can be taken using our software with an accuracy that can be better than 1/2” on the ground. There is no need to try and guesstimate the size of a fire truck in a photograph to be able to scale your other measurements. With our maps, you can confidently know that your data is accurate and usable, and that your results will be consistent. Measure distances, acreage, and volume easily and quickly.

In addition to the maps themselves, we can also provide highly detailed photographs of incidents from many different heights and angles, offering a wider range of perspectives and documentation that can aid in your investigation.

Our founder has been a volunteer firefighter for nearly a decade. He understands fire behavior and the importance of scene safety. He also has well over a decade of experience in the construction industry. He knows what structures should and shouldn’t look like, and how to deal with less than ideal terrain and conditions. He has the equipment and knowledge to safely interact with an incident, as well as a high attention to detail.